Time, Space and Matter brings a fresh approach in puzzle solving 3D games. Make use of gravity zones to manipulate objects and yourself in dozens of diverse physics-based spatial puzzles. Traverse the levels to get to the top of the building and unravel the story behind a mysterious technology.


When a group of respected scientists finished a perfectly-sound research on GUM (gravitational-unity modifier) they asked the engineers to build an awesome technology to help in construction, transportation and military. But engineers are playful beings. So instead they developed what they called gravity zones - a means to traverse an obstacle course - just because it was cool. They measured their time running through the levels and competed with each other who could score the best time. However, when the protagonist - Pete Spencer - gets here, the place is abandoned. But the tech is still in place and functional. So he is going to make use of it for his own little agenda...


  • Logical 3D space navigation
  • Both slow-paced progression and fast-paced action
  • Freedom of approach in solving puzzles
  • A lot of fun with gravity blasts
  • Bonus content for completionists


Time, Space and Matter is currently under active development.
To be released on Steam in early 2019


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